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A Vida no Cerrado is made up of more than 60 active members, of different ages, genders and regions. We are spread across the states: Ceará, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, São Paulo, Sergipe and in the Federal District.

The team is organized into:


General meeting: highest body of AVINC and has the objective of deliberating on the various matters that correspond to the movement, encompassing all members of the institution.

Deliberative Council: leads AVINC's governance and management process, guiding and monitoring institutional work. This body is composed of the Executive Board and the Coordinators of the Action Teams and acts as a guardian of the mission and institutional purposes, the Statute and other regulations of AVINC.

Consulting board: consultative and advisory body of the Deliberative Council and the Executive Board. It is composed of professionals from the main areas of activity of AVINC, however, who do not have decision-making powers or legal responsibility before the organization.

Executive Board: ensures the functioning of the action teams, administering, managing compliance with institutional policies and the formulation and execution of the organization's strategy. Currently, the Executive Director of AVINC is Cayo Henrique Ferreira de Alcântara and, as Deputy Executive Director is Bruno Eduardo Pires de Camargos Lopes.

Action Teams: these are working groups created by the Deliberative Council and aim to deepen thematic areas of AVINC's main areas of action. The project has four action teams:


  • Advocacy Team;

  • Communication Team;  

  • Socio-environmental Education Team;

  • Finance Team.

The Advocacy Team it is composed of people from the most diverse areas, where they seek to build means for youth participation in decision-making spaces. Through participation, mobilization and advocacy, we want to make a difference in the conservation of the Cerrado.


Coordinated byVitor Matheus Alcântara de Sena and vice-coordinated by Marcela A. Chiabai, are also part of the 13 members: Cicera Vanessa Feitosa Morais; David Barbosa Melo; Deliene Matias; Elisa Fazzolino Pinto Barbosa; Elton Araújo; Livia Maria Maresti Barbosa; Luisa Andrade; Natalia Almeida Brito; Pedro (Pê) Mourão de Moura Magalhães; Raphael Braz Camargo; Vinicius Machado; and Wanderson Sousa Costa.

The Communication Team is composed of people from communication and related areas, with the responsibility of monitoring matters related to AVINC's communication and assisting in the definition of institutional guidelines on these topics, including the operation of the website, social networks and other institutional communication tools.

10 people make up the Communication and Engagement Center, including: Karlla Aparecida Ribeiro, NuCom coordinator; Cleiton Veloso Ramos, deputy coordinator; and the members: Almond Vilardi; André Silva Ribeiro Guimarães; Clapton Olimpio de Moura; Giovanna Dumere; Jennifer Delfino; Laila Beatriz de Almeida; Laís Menezes; Maria Alice dos Santos.

The Socio-environmental Education Team it is made up of people from the Natural Sciences and related areas, especially those from teaching programs. Members plan and carry out Socio-Environmental Education actions.


24 people are in this Nucleus, being Matheus Filipe dos Reis, coordinator; Júlio Campos, deputy coordinator. The other members are: Anabel Grimm and Araújo, Carla V. Pequini, Isabela Anzolin, Isadora Kalil Godoi, João Victor Cunegundes de Siqueira, Júlia Raphael de Araújo; Karine Nascimento da Silva; Leticia Silva Oliveira; Lucas Dias dos Santos; Ludmilla Farias; Luiz Felipe Alves Trindade; Miguel Ribeiro Moreira de Lima; Mônica Alves Mamão; Paola Freitas de Oliveira; Quezia Cavalcante Oliveira; Solar Mazzoccante Morgado; Thiago Ferreira Soares;It isThuany Fernandes De Oliveira Cândido.

The Finance Team it is made up of people from accounting, economics, administration and related areas, where they monitor asset, accounting, financial and administrative management, as well as the financial and asset health of the organization; evaluate the policies for acquisition, control and disposal of assets, among other operational rules of the organization, preparing recommendations in this regard.

4 people are in this Nucleus: João Marcelo Soares Bahia, coordinator; and the other members: Camila Alves Martins; Fernanda Carvalho; Mariana Costa Cavalcante.

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